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Wildcard: Fix the duping bug before pushing out any new servers on release day.

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Ark has been dealing with many severe problems. However, nothing has been as frustrating and damaging as the duping bug. The idea behind it is pretty simple and now that everyone has gotten the gist of how to do it since it has been posted several times in form of a proof as a screenshot or video, there is evidence and intel of just about everyone duping spreading around. Most known bigger tribes have either had a server dev wiped or at least been invested and more and more smaller tribes are rising to the top as they simply dupe whatever they need to be able to compete. A year ago, Jeremy Stieglitz said that while you will not wipe at release, you will release new isolated servers. Depending on how many you release, those servers will be packed with new and seasoned players alike - and since everyone will start at 0, it won't be long until people will start to dupe to get ahead of everyone else. Now, I'm not an Unreal Engine Programmer, neither do I have any degree in optimization or networking. However, from the viewpoint of a computer science student, duping seems easy enough to fix. One thing is for sure though: If you aren't able to fix it (in that case, please just tell that to the community so they can move on), you should at least release the new servers without ANY crossark functionality - as in single isolated servers as it used to be. Ark as is already heavily favors people with more players logging in more hours to the point where casual players aren't welcome anymore. Duping only amplifies this effect as most casual players aren't interested in and dedicated enough to dupe. I hope you can see how much the community needs this - it would be sad if most players would just quit before the game is even released.

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