Stop the meshers / meshing in ARK Survival evolved Studio Wildcard

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Meshing in Ark Survival Evolved wont stop.

So many People and Tribes get wiped by Mesher. You can safe your Base only if you are online and able to also go into the mesh. If so and the enemies that are meshing you are sending tickets to Wildcard with some proof pictures you can get dev wiped! Same if you build some Mesh turrets or Mesh Velonasaurs to protect your base.

The enemies always use "alt" accounts to mesh or creating more and more new profiles to mesh. So if you are sending a ticket to Wildcard, they will stop the meshers - but only for a short time until they get another account. And they almost always come back...

So Wildcard acts like theres no way to stop meshing. REALLY?

1. Building in the mesh

What about the obelisks on Ragnarok? Or the pack artifact on Center? You are not able build too close right? So what about creating locations like that in the mesh, that NO ONE is able to build in the mesh! If they would change the locations like that the mesher still can mesh but if you are able to kill them they cant respawn in beds in the mesh! They need to go in the mesh again and go towards your base location again!

2. Staying alive in the mesh

You know the outer boundary on Extinction? If you ever played on Extinction you may have seen the outer boundary indicated with poles bearing red lights at the top. What happens if you cross the lights? It instantly kill you and your tamed creature! So why cant Wildcard put a boundary in the mesh so you get an instant kill when you go in there?

So Wildcard this is for you:

Here are just 2 ideas to solve the Mesh-Problem. 

Fix it or you will loose your Players. The Mesher will keep goin. But they dont raise they only getting tames while they are meshing. So do you think they buy your DLCs? Do you think you get new people buying Ark or any DLCs? I wont buy anything until you solve this problem! So its your turn right now!!!

Best regards