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Fix ARK: Survival Evolved

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ARK: Survival Evolved has the potential to be the perfect game. It seamlessly combines aspects from many different genres while introducing mechanics that no other game has ever attempted. It's a game where you make lifelong friends and true, mortal enemies, living your own narrative in a completely boundless experience. The game has one problem, however; if you are reading this, you likely already know what it is.

Studio Wildcard, the developer of ARK, has a philosophy of adding as much content as they can as fast as they can with the intent of fixing bugs later. For a while, this philosophy proved very successful, keeping early access players on their toes for new things to come all the time. The problem is, they just keep adding content and players are rarely seeing any fixes to major, game breaking problems. These problems include duplication glitches, under-map raiding, and poorly optimized code leading to excessive lag and unplayable conditions. This is a game players put thousands of hours into and watching all of your hard work get destroyed by someone who cheated is devastating. 

I propose that Studio Wildcard ceases to add content to ARK until they eliminate all currently known glitches and exploits, optimize their code, and fix all new bugs that arise during this process. Nobody expects the game to be perfect, but it is easily the buggiest full-release game on the market right now and needs major work. You would be hard-pressed to find someone that thinks ARK doesn't have enough content, so it's time to stop adding, and starting fixing, balancing, and perfecting. Studio Wildcard, please don't let us down.

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