So many events .. We need a break.

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My name is Lord Hugh Jazz of the clan Hobbit Zombies and a part owner of Hustle Prime Community Discord. For several months I have read the complaints and the concerns of a large contingent of players. I am writing this petition for them so we can have a unified voice.
I love this game. I love the community. I love the friends and clan mates I have spent the last two years playing with. What I don’t love is the frequency of events. I am not alone ....
The first year I played there were very few events . The original lunar new year in February 2018 and then a few more at the end of that year .. nearly 8 months between events. While I would not like to wait 8 months for the next event, I would like to take a month off from heavy grinding and not risk losing the opportunity to stay competitive.
2020 has been a bizarre year and many people are torn on the issue of spending during a pandemic. Some people have lost their jobs, some have to contend with other factors. The point is that we are all trying to find our comfort level.

This game has developed a lot in the time I have played and I want to see it keep developing. What I am afraid of is that the development team has lost touch with what the community wants or needs.

1. Many players are exhausted and can not play heavily for 8 hours each day non stop. In order for these players to have everything if they are exhausted, they will have to spend. This is not appropriate keeping in mind the situation in the world caused by covid

2. By introducing new events every month, the developers spend a lot of time on them. This time might be better used to develop older ideas with the future of free players in mind. Ideas like the long awaited clan territory and more effective bot catching tools.

3. Quality control is one of the biggest concerns. Each event lowers the expectations of the players due to the fact there is no time to care about the story. How did our protagonists get involved in an alternate dimension, what were we doing under water ?
Short and sweet ... events are just regular game play now and that diminishes their value.

4. Many long time players have left the game due to a very aggressive hands in our pocket policy where everything costs way more than it should. A digital legendary gem when released was 100$ usd. Thats roughly the same cost at the most recent offers for an ancient. Thats a weeks worth of groceries for a family in many cases. Selling 1 item for 100$ or 20 items for 5$ is that same amount of profit .. dont disregard so many in the hope to milk a few.

5. Because many players have already left, their friends are considering it too. With each unsatisfied player, the loyalty base is diminished. If you lose the most loyal due to improper management, you will struggle for new blood. Anyone that joins today and wonders where all the old school players went arent going to invest in a dying game.


If something doesn’t give soon, there will be more players walking away. The free to play aspect is gone. Only the money can truly compete at the highest levels. Put more thought into developing new events and stop recycling the old stuff at a higher turn out. I think this is an acceptable compromise.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for your support. We dont hate the game, we just want to have a voice in our hobby.