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Save Heltne's trees

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About one year ago some birch trees were cut down, and now about half part of the remaining trees in our common garden have been marked to be cut down as well. 

Their reasons are related to pollen allergy, that those old trees can result dangerous due to their age, and that they pose an obstacle for the grass cutter. Cutting them down will not solve the allergy problem as Volda has many more birches around, and in case they are cutting them down for age reasons, they could plant a new young tree. However, they are not planning to do so. Their last reason is that those trees pose an obstacle for the grass cutter.

I believe these are not enough reasons to cut them down. Those birches are part of our green areas, whose quality will be severely reduced both for the people that live here, and the birds that enjoy them as well among other species.

I propose that Studentsamskipnaden for Sunnmøre reconsider their decision, and that the trees are left in peace.

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