Fight for Human Rights, End Duterte's Administration

Fight for Human Rights, End Duterte's Administration

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Trixie Mendoza started this petition to Students who are eager to empower numerous Human Rights in the Philippines


Philippines as of today is currently surrounded by extra-judicial killings and the number of cases are continuously rising. These killings started when Duterte's administration started and conquered the judicial system in the Philippines. The president of the Philippines’ WAR ON DRUGS has led to thousands of EJKs, raising human rights concerns. Alleged drug dealers are being killed and arrested without any due process; which is against HUMAN RIGHTS in our country. Guilty or not guilty, each and every  Filipino, and every person in general, deserves to undergo the correct due process because it is a pure human right – It is clearly stated in our laws. 

Atleast 33 killed daily in the Philippines since Duterte stepped in the position of presidency. War on Drugs launched that caused the rise of killings among Filipinos. . It is unrightfully act to do such thing especially when you are an influential person where all people voted, because they believe with your capabilities as a leader to serve the country.

The value of human life is degraded and attacked as his (Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte") own life is more important. Darkness prevailed as Duterte's administration continued.

Immunity was also given to chosen authorities, giving them the audacity to freely kill and arrest people included on the list. Authorities with immunity should be forbidden to serve the country because their motto promised to us, the people of the Philippines, is not manifested and cannot really be seen within their acts - "To serve is to protect, to protect is to serve."


Empower human rights in our country, the Philippines. Provide enough funds for the different departments that hold, operate and maintain the judicial systems around the country.

Relent a powerful campaign organized by each and every empathetic Filipino, who's very much eager to end these killings. We should consider human rights as an empowerment of human lives.

We are far beyond the solution but a simple act among every Filipinos can make a genuine and truest form of change.

I am a millennial existing for 16 years who values human life. I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline when I came across the news about Kian de los Santos, Althea Barbon, Joshua Cumilang, and Carl Angelo Arnaiz.

As I think about the families of the victims, I was saddened by the fact that innocent lives are being included with this massive social issue.

Honestly speaking, I am pro-Duterte when he reigned the position of presidency. But when his administration is doing various acts against Human Rights, I was immediately against Duterte because I value human lives of other more than I value mine.

Life is a gift from God. The value and dignity of human life is derived from God the Creator and is rooted in the fact that all humans have been created to have a right. Before declaring a command to end drugs in a certain country, make sure to that fact that you are not violating any rights. Ending someone’s life in order to relieve suffering or inconvenience is not only unjustifiable; it violates God’s clearly defined moral order.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!