We the People: A Letter and Action Plan to Saint Ignatius College Prep in Chicago

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We the troubled BIPOC at Ignatius, 

     Over these past few weeks, many BIPOC students and alum have shared their stories and experiences of racism to an Instagram page (@bipocatignatius). We are tired of the lack of action that Ignatius has demonstrated regarding the welfare of minority students. From anti-Semitism, racism, ignorance, and classism, there is a deeply embedded culture of anti tolerance at Ignatius and we are calling the administration to action. Saint Ignatius is no stranger to the marginalized students of their school speaking out, but it seems that our problems have only been taken at face value. As many know, in 2016, The Movement (a 4-page letter written by the students involved in the Black Organization of Successful Students) shed light on the decades-long issue of racism, discrimination, and classism at Saint Ignatius. Unfortunately, in reading the demands published by these students, many of these issues continue to be prevalent in the Ignatius community. With the significant help of our followers, in addition to our own ideas, we have compiled a full action plan that you can view in its entirety here and sign this petition in support.

     In addition to our letter, Ignatius alumni and allies have also created a letter to the administration in support of our action plan. We thank these individuals who strive for the improvement of our institution, even after graduation. You can read their letter here.

Sincerely,                                                                                                             The Justice Team                                                                                @bipocatignatius