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Vices among students include drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and use of drugs. Students often drink alcohol because they want to have fun, in Philippines, they call it "walwal". When my friends wants to celebrate something, they drink. When they're happy, they drink. Whatever they are feeling, they drink. Alcohols will damage your liver. I don't know why they still drink, well for a non-drinker, they won't understand.

We all know that smoking is bad for our health, then why still smoke? I asked some people why they smoke, they told me that it keeps them full and satisfied. And smoking helps them to digest their food easily. Cigarettes are cheap, anyone can buy it.

In illegal drugs, daily marijuana use among peers and students, college or high school, has been climbing in recent years. The possession, use, and sale of cannabis is illegal in most countries of the world. Cannabis plant is intended for medical use, but there are people who use this as a diversion. Other students want to try marijuana because they find it entertaining and cool. They want to forget their problems, but there are people, that's so addicted to these drugs. They think they don't have a chance to live happily. Most students don't get enough attention from their family, so they spend all their time with their friends, drinking alcohol, or worse, using drugs.

I know drinking of alcohol won't stop, we just need to know our limitations. Smoking of cigarettes will be stopped if manufacturing of cigarettes will stop. And if all countries ban all these cigarettes. And in drugs, the main source of chemicals used in manufacturing drugs should be stopped. Planting of marijuana should be stopped too. We can deal with these vices if everyone finally knows how to be contented with their lives.



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