Verifying GATE , CAT score before sending final offer letter by the campus recruiter.

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In Campus Placements especially in Engineering colleges it's often seen that a candidate given an offer from a company fails to join the company at the end of his graduation due to other plans regarding his/her career. When the required number of candidates don't joint the company then the company suffers a loss in their campus drive and they are reluctant to join the drive for the coming years in the University. Hence, in the coming years the university placement suffers. These companies who don't get what they came for might not turn up to be a part of campus placements in that college in the coming years. The verification of GATE, CAT,GRE etc. score and about other offers he might have got(rare) from the selected candidates may help the company to predict his future plans and also before sending their final joining letter to the candidate they may ask him/her what exactly his/her future plan is.Whether he/she wants his/her career in that company or wants to pursue his career elsewhere or have got some better offer in some other corporation or wants to pursue higher studies.

The company can avoid their loss by keeping other candidates shortlisted who made it to the interviews but didn't get the job finally. So that if the selected candidate doesn't turn up then the job offer will be given to the next most deserving candidate.

In this way the relationship between the company and the college remains safe as both their demands are met and the placement as a whole gets benefitted.

This isn't the ultimate solution to the problem but this may give a feasible solution in some cases.

This petition is for those candidates who want to actually work and don't get the Job offer due to luck or more deserving candidates ahead of him/her. We all want healthy placements keeping in mind the rules of placement. So that everyone is satisfied in their own way.