Use Tote Bags for a Cause!

Use Tote Bags for a Cause!

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Started by Giwayne Garcia

One Tote Bag can make a difference!

Plastic are becoming a menace to wildlife and spreading pollutants. It also contributes to global warming.

100,000 is the estimated amount of sea turtles and wildlife life that dies in a year because of being strangled and mistakenly took plastic as food.

Plastic has become a threat!

So instead of using plastic bags, let us use eco-friendly bags which are tote bags! 

Tote Bags are recyclable material that can last for over a year. And an average person uses 700 plastic bags per year.

Using ONE Tote Bag CAN make a difference.

If you agree with our stand about this issue, then sign with us now! Your opinion matters! 

Thank you!

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!