UoG/CSA Refund Bus Stickers

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With the university moving to an online format, students moving home, businesses closing, and now Guelph transit annoucing free rides until April 15th 2020, I ask that the University of Guelph and the CSA refund our bus stickers back at a pro-rated rate. This money is important now more than ever, as the stickers are now useless, self-isolation is in full swing, and many students will not be able to work with their employers closing stores or offices for n weeks. Every dollar counts for students and we will need this money to continue paying for rent and groceries when able. 

It would be an incredibly good-faith move of the university and CSA to do this. For those interested in getting their money back, please sign this petition, share it with your Guelph friends, and email the university/CSA as well as messaging them on social media (but please remember to be nice about it!!! These are also people)