The renaming of the “Raymond Dart collection”

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The process of decolonization at WITS University and the faculty of health sciences in particular is a particularly difficult one. The faculty has a long history with apartheid and eugenics. In his book “The Bantu Speaking tribes of South Africa” ‘professor’ Raymond Dart claimed black people were the lowest on a “chain of being” and classified their skulls as “infantile in form.” His work provided justification for racist actions and ideology. It is then embarrassing to consider that we still name a collection of human and animal specimens at the school of anatomical sciences after him. As such I propose the renaming of the “Raymond Dart Collection” to the “Stephen Bantu Biko collection” please sign this petition so that we can take it to the faculty 

Yours in struggle 

Muhammad Talia (MBBCh II 2018)