Terminate Cornell Professor David B. Collum

Terminate Cornell Professor David B. Collum

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After an elderly man cracked his skull on the pavement after Buffalo Police in riot gear pushed him, Collum made these comments:

  • "Very utiopian.d When we are old and feeble, stay away from violent mobs. Jesus Christ: how fucking stupid do you have to be to understand this",
  • "Wasn't Brutality, the guy was feeble",
  • along with several other tweets justifying and seemingly enjoying this savagery (tweets have since been deleted, his account privated, but they were screenshotted).

David B. Collum has relentlessly made racist, sexist, and bigoted comments throughout his entire career and has grossly mistreated graduate and undergraduate students.

He has been protected by the Cornell Chemistry Department and Cornell University itself. Cornell's protection of him is shameful and offensive.

He is a perpetrator of institutionalized racism and a supporter of police brutality against peaceful protestors. It has also come to light that he jokes about rape. 

The students of Cornell DEMAND his termination.