A wider selection of in break activities

A wider selection of in break activities

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Started by Hala Al Refai
  1. I want students to have more options for activities to do during the break/recess in school because there are just a few that are sports-related, which is unfair to the rest of the students who don't enjoy sports or want to do something else.
    I want to see a shift in people's attitudes, encouraging them to socialize more, enjoy school more, and have fun together. 
  2.  If you choose to support me, my plan is to have around 50-100 signatures then I will go to the middle school principal and see if this is enough signatures to add more activities to do during our break. 
  3. You should support me because supporting me will increase the chances of giving yourself and your friends more activities and things to do in the break.

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This is proof of the principal's experience and an example of how well it was handled, also how when they added activities it made the school better. 

MLA 2 - "When I first arrived at the school 6 years ago, students did not know how to engage in play. They would run around the yard. Now, students are plugged into a variety of games." (BRYANT ELEMENTARY, CA, 2019) 

This example shows the before and after and results of how they saw an increase in students' activeness and happiness after they added activities.

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This ensures students will socialize with people who enjoy similar things and create friendships. 
I am targeting the students at AIS middle school students and the principal as well because they can help make this possible and persuade the management. 


190 have signed. Let’s get to 200!