Raise the voice against scraping the B.Tech degree from IITs. Manufacture exceptional talent.

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On August 21, 2018, a historical decision might be made. There are talks on scrapping the IIT flagship B.Tech courses and converting IITs into high-end institutes that offer post-graduate education and only certain semesters of teaching to nearly 80,000 students a year instead of the current 10,000 plus.

Some parents might be thinking getting admission in IITs is like a race and private coaching Institutes are looting but parallely we don't have such a great faculties at school  and school can't afford them. Indian students have been winning international science Olympiad because of such coaching institutes. At coaching institutes deep knowledge is provided which is not possible at schools. Most of the school teacher don't know anything above the board level and they are bounded to complete the syllabus first. Students found themselves proud to be as an IITians.
Pressure,there is also pressure on students for board examination so from this year you will end up board examination also?
Preparing of jee advance gives students deep knowledge which is not provide by school. Coaching institutes develops our thinking skill. In school most of the questions are of same type. IIT provides a flagship level of B.Tech course so it should not be ended up.
I Think this foolish idea must be given by one who doesn't studied well in his JEE days of preparation.

Really poor, this will lower the grade of iit which was earlier know for its quality. Govt. Is lowering the level of iit this will in future create more educated unemployed.