Stop the law against beggars!

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In Sweden there is a long ongoing debate regarding if beggars are going to be banned from the streets and other public spaces by laws. Several law suggestions has been put forward by politicians from different municipalities and not so long ago one community in south of Sweden voted against beggars in Sweden. The decision was soon uprooted. A few days ago a new proposition for a law against begging was launched and the beggars answered with that if the law passes, they simply will get an instrument and play instead for money!

Can you even begin to understand the horrific situation a person must be in for leaving their homes in order to beg in another country? It must be beyond words!

The NT in the Bible let us know the struggle Jesus went through when he was hungry, naked, thirsty and a foreigner and how strangers took him in and helped him. One can also read that it is a duty for Christians to help the ones in need. In Islam begging is allowed if one has tried everything else and nothing has worked out.  For monks and nuns in Buddhism it is a daily routine to ask others for food items for the daily meal. Asking for help is nothing new or strange in different religions.

Regardless if you are religious or not but sharing the universal idea that everyone are equal and has the right to clothing, housing, food and work, feel free to sign the petition that people should be allowed to try to get that,, even if it means begging on the streets and public spaces in Sweden!