Stop the budget cuts to education

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As most of you know our current premiere Mr. Doug Ford is planning to make huge cuts to education. This would force teachers to lose jobs, class sizes would increase, funding for mental health would be even more decreased, no more extra-circular activities. As well as athletic scholar ships would be gone. This is going to kill low income families and any families dealing with a child dealing with any mental illnesses. How are children with autism going to get the proper care they need when there won’t be funding for them or teachers to help them. How are students suppose to get one on one with a teacher in a class room with 40 students.

We need to take action now. Our future and education is more important then $1 beer. The premier running our province is a college drop out. We need to take action and show that we have a voice and we are to be heard. A petition may not seem like much. But, if the numbers go up and there is media coverage how can he hide from that? How can he ignore that? The answer is he can’t.