Save City Honor's Teachers, and the Music Department

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Under a lawsuit filed by teachers eight years ago, City Honors was forced to hire several new aids entrusted with several supervisory duties. Although, in theory, this would allow teachers more time to put into their class, the new workforce has put a large strain on the school's funds. The proposed solution is to lay-off up to six of the beloved teachers who work there, who many of the students have close, irreplaceable, friendships with. Our proposition is to demand more funds from the board of education or congress to keep our teachers, or lay off some of the widely unnecessary school aids hired on. We, the student body, need to voice our opinions to the board of education the save our teacher's jobs, and position at City Honors. Please, take action to save our teachers.


City Honor's band and chorus program are now at risk of being axed. We need all the support we can get.