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NSFAF is currently running a bidding process whereby it wants interested parties to procure laptops for students. We contend that this is an illegal and immoral exercise. Firstly, NSFAF has no mandate to decide on whether their non-tuition fees should be spend on laptops or not. The contract entered into by NSFAF and students makes no provision for the fund to decide what to do with student's money (non-tuition) without consulting students. It is absolutely not at the discretion of the fund to spend student's money in whatever manner they deem fit. 

Secondly, the forceful procuring of these overpriced laptops for students will mean that students non-tuition fees will be drastically cut. Those on the N$21 600 contract will end up receiving only N$15, 600, and those on the N$17, 000 contract will end up getting N$11, 000. Students never requested these laptops. Students did not ask for these laptops, and this should not be the case.

Lastly, we contend that it is much better and practical to give the students their full non-tuition directly so that they use the money on other tools of learning and to support themselves. A significant majority of students already have laptops, and will just end up selling the NSFAF laptops for hard cash in order to survive.

Because of the above stated, we strongly urge you to support this petition and stop this illegal and immoral act by NSFAF.