Students Stand with the Bon Union

Students Stand with the Bon Union

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To the College's administrative staff and to the Bon Appétit corporate managers,

The Bon Appétit staff are overworked and underpaid. Their labor sustains our community, yet their wages are unrepresentative of their contributions. They have worked tirelessly through extreme conditions over the past two years, but these changing circumstances have not taken into consideration changing needs. The current contract does not sufficiently account for the financial needs that Bon Appétit staff face amidst rising inflation and the new challenges of working during a pandemic.

The students of Lewis and Clark do not stand for labor injustice, and we refuse to continue patronizing a company that neglects its workers. We as students call for the immediate fulfillment of the Bon Appétit Union's demands for fair, competitive wages and better staffing, and we appeal to both the Bon Appétit Management and the College to rectify this injustice.

We recognize the power disparities at stake in this issue. Service workers are a historically marginalized population who are undervalued and underheard. This is a form of systemic violence, and whether it is perpetuated or not is predicated on the decisions of institutional stakeholders like yourselves.

We also recognize that students hold a privileged sway over our institution in comparison to Bon Appétit staff, and we will use our voice to compel administrative and corporate staff to listen to those who are advocating for better labor practices. Fair work and fair wages are a human right, and depriving these are in violation of both the college's mission and the values of its students. In your response to the demands of the Bon Appétit Union, we hope that you take into consideration the concerns of the students whom you serve. 

The signatures below reflect student solidarity with the Bon Appétit staff fighting for better work and better wages. WE STAND WITH THE BON UNION.

442 have signed. Let’s get to 500!