Save Hindu College From Autonomy

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Dear Friends,

Recently we got to know that our college has seeked opinion from UGC regarding the process of applying for 'Autonomy'. We know that how over 60 universities were granted this status by the MHRD stating that it will increase the quality of education. But deeper reading and experience shows that this is only financial autonomy where college will become 'independent' to take decisions about its fees and rules, where UGC will not give any funding to it.

We were also told that the staff association of our college wasn't kept aware and was also bypassed. The professors of our college are also against any such backdoor move which will privatise the public universities. Going by how serious the concerns are, we request you to sign the petition and hold them accountable.

Autonomy will lead to :

1. Massive Fee Hike

2. Self Finance Courses

3. Scuttling Reservation Policies

4. Exclusion of marginalised students

5. Teacher Retrenchment

Let us unite to fight against this proposed farce Autonomy. Let us not allow the administration to close the doors of our college to students from economically and socially deprived sections.

Let us reject this model of Privatisation and stand together to reject this policy assault on Hindu College.

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