Reduce Puja Vacation Assignments in UEM College

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In the Holy Month of Durga Puja, its nostalgic for every student to cheer the enjoyment and excitement of arrival of Maa Durga. Every year many students go for pandal hopping or visit their home state or town and cherish the puja with their families, friends and loved ones.

But just before the start of this auspicious event, Uem Kolkata students received a pdf in WhatsApp in their respective official groups about puja vacation assignments, now what's shocking is that there are more than 200 questions in each assignment and that too required to be handwritten in A4 size sheets. Especially the students of CSE and BCA department and other departments which have received programming assignments are now facing an uphill task to solve nearly 250+ coding problems with flowcharts, algorithm, source code and pseudo codes that too HAND WRITTEN in A4 size sheets, which is equivalent to more than 500 pages of handwritten notes by each student for each subject in a short amount of time. 

How is it even supposed to benefit a student if he/she spend sleepless nights completing assignments consisting of 500 pages each that too hand-written and in due time also prepare for upcoming 2nd Mid semester and 1st semester exam which are currently knocking at the door. It's quite evident that students have to rush their way in order to complete all of it on prescribed time which means they have to give more emphasis on copying solutions and less emphasis in actually understanding it. Loss of time, effort and money on stationery of students is going to be imminent if correct approach is not taken in due time. 

 As a student myself, I would request you to sign this petition to let the respectable officers and teachers of  UEMK understand that you can't make a student work like a donkey or a robot because he or she is supposed to have a vacation. In the end its our request to the  respectable Chancellor Sir, Vice Chancellor Sir, Dean Sir, HOD's and all other teaching faculties of UEM Kolkata to look into the matter and reduce the unnecessary workload on students by considering the following points: -

  1. Reduce number of questions in each assignment upto an appropriate amount. 
  2. Permission of printing the assignments of all subjects instead of it being hand written especially programming assignments.