Re-Evaluation in LL.B, Faculty of Law, Delhi University

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The LL.B Course offered by Faculty of Law, University of Delhi do not have the provisions of Re-Evaluation, i.e, complete re-evaluation of your Answer Sheets by a Faculty Member.

Only provision is of re-checking, which is re-totaling of the Marks on the First Page of Answer Sheets.

Often, students see, feel and witness, that despite giving a good attempt, they get low numbers or even fail! This is because of absence of any standard evaluation mechanism for Teachers which provide them some modal answers, hence it's the will, rather the mood of the evaluators based on which your marks depend, with minor relevance to your attempt.

And yes, Re-Evaluation is provided to every other course offered in DU, except LL.B and Professional Courses. Reasons: DU has not provided that! They just do not provide re-evaluation for LL.B

Thus, a petition is required by all students of Faculty of Law, including like-minded Professors and Academicians, who wish, that the Law Students of Faculty of Law, should be at par with other students and thus, in compliance with the Right to Equality, which we rarely witness.