Re-evaluate Geneseo's Plan for the Fall 2020 Semester

Re-evaluate Geneseo's Plan for the Fall 2020 Semester

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Brandon JOY started this petition to President of SUNY Geneseo, Denise A. Battles (State University of New York)

This is a public call to the President of the college Denise A. Battles and the college board.

We students want the college board to re-evaluate the proposed plans set forth for the fall 2020 academic semester. The actions and plans that have been made in response to COVID-19 are unacceptable.

The main cause to concern is that the academic calendar has been extended instead of being reduced to help the situation. Other colleges will be Starting earlier in august and then ending face-to-face instruction after thanksgiving break but we will evaluate it so that the students have to leave their personal belongings in their rooms until we are deemed allowed to retrieve them and yet again have to pay to have them stored at our expense.

You are asking students to not travel during these "rejuvenation" day breaks which will be almost impossible as kids have work and some may even need to return home for weekends or other issues. There will be students on the campus at the time that will need to work in-order to even maintain a way of living on the campus if they have no other income of money. These students may travel to Rochester or other parts of the north for work and return to campus.

The emails that are also sent out to all students and faculty are sometimes very vague and do not give sufficient information to the students to let us know what will be happening or how. We would like there to be more communication within a concise email that explains everything. 

Other student complaints are as follow:

- There was no clear and explicit explanation as to what will happen to the performing art students. Concerts, lessons, musicals etc.

- Again with the no travel request, you can expect that students will be traveling home for thanksgiving break and not remaining on campus.

- Masks should be given to students if they are going to be required by the college for classes and all other social activities.

- More open communication needs to be had between the students and relaying information.

- Geneseo should be giving in person or online classes, options to all students and not require them to justify their choice.

- There needs to be a plan announced for those who are immunocompromised and cannot attend class and for people who need to stop attending in person classes and quarantine before Thanksgiving so they will be able to see their immunocompromised family members.


We as the college body ask that Denise A. Battles reconsider revising the plan that has been set in motion to be re-evaluated and adjusted following other colleges and what they will be doing.


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