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We unite against SPPU malpractices. We want justice. Pass the students by grace mrks.

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Due to mistakes in revaluation process and reckless paper checking from the university,many engineering students are losing their one year just due to few marks in a single backlog.

Students of engineering who are having only a single critical paper are getting failed due to 3-4 marks. Even after the marks are increasing on the step marking basis,they didn’t got marks for the attempted answers in subjects like Engineering Mathematics 3 and SOM and remaining subjects of all branches. And there are some rackets in the exam section who are taking a huge amount (65K) for increasing marks and students who are paying are getting passed. These people involved in rackets are freely working here, no investigation is done on them. They should be punished. No staff transfers has been done from several years.

there is a strategy in this, students who are genuinely getting marks are failed due to 3-4 marks on boundary and University is taking a huge amount from students for rechecking and revaluation.

This system is pressuring the studens and mainly their parents who are working hard each and evey miniute of their life for the betterment of their children. Students are not able to concentrate on BE projects, studies,extra courses and their future is being spoiled. Final year students had lost opportunity to fill GATE 2018 form. Parents are spending huge amount on studies by taking huge loans, and here the frustrated  students are sufferig mentally.

Inspite of this,students who were having hopes that they would get clear in revaluation process had filled the examination forms under provisional admissions are still getting no change in the result (even if there are couting mistakes in the photocopy.still is hasn’t changed in revaluation)and lot of money is being taken from students. In this way,due to careless paper checking students are being failed in a single subject and losing a whole year.

Today we all unite together to stand against these malpractices.

We demand justice.

our demand is to “Pass the students who are getting a year drop just because of 3-4 marks by carefully rechecking and applying grace marks properly.”

”Grace should be given without consideration of that 5% increase rule of revaluation i.e if 2.5 marks increase then only there will be change in marks otherwise no change” this is mistake of university, if students would have got proper marks in first checking attempt only then why would their year should be wasted by getting no change in revaluation even if their 1-2 marks are increasing. Just because of 1-2 marks they are not eligible for grace after revaluation.University should not consider this rule and pass with proper grace by rechecking because it is a mistake from moderators and examiners.

Students should get their marks properly.!!!

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Siddhaanth Patil needs your help with “Students: Pune university should pass the students who are failing by 3-4 marks due to reckless paper checking. Pass the students dont spoil their future.”. Join Siddhaanth and 339 supporters today.