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Due to rise in covid -19 cases I want that govt should postpone Neet /Jee mains. We can give exam anytime if we are well ...and if we  can give exam now and then we can affected with covid -19 then who is responsible for this. Around 24 lakhs students are appearing for Neet /JEE mains  so you can't take risk with lives of all these students.. You also look at  the Kcet exam preparation done by govt. This is completely failure. So this is important at this time that govt. Should be monitored the situation and postpone /cancell the NEET /JEE MAINS 2020.. AGAIN  I am saying that health Is more important than any other exam..There is only one month left for these exams so please take a decision early regarding the neet /jee mains . If if can't able to start buses /trains and can't able to open hotels and restaurants so how we can s conduct such exam like Neet/ jee mains in which more that 24 lakhs students are appearing. We want to become doctors and engineers not now I can believe that govt. And people's understand my concern regarding exam and take some important decision early as soon as possible.i hope govt. Should cancel /postponed Neet /jee mains as soon as possible. 

Health is weath !

Thank you !