Please help maintain our teacher Maria Malphurs at Patrick Henry Highschool

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With the major budget cuts in the San Diego Unified School District we as students are losing many great teachers.  Please help those at Patrick Henry High school keep our inspirational and amazing teacher Maria Malphurs of the Japanese and French programs.  Without her, our school will no longer provide Japanese language courses and our French program will be cut to barely 4 classes.

Dear San Diego Unified Board of Education and to those whom this letter may concern,

It has become obviously clear that the educational system is lacking and outdated in its structure of hiring and maintaining our teachers.  Due to this outdated network, and combined with a devastating budget cut, a void in job positions for teachers has reappeared.  Thus positions and programs all over the San Diego district have been slashed and cut, and its effects have been felt by all of us students of this district. However its effects have taken away something which cannot be replaced to the students at Patrick Henry High School, for we as students are destined to lose not only a teacher, but also a friend who we know as Maria Malphurs.  

As a teacher, Maria Malphurs has the uncanny ability to spark the desire to learn within her students.  As her students, we have grown to look up to her not only as a role model, but also as a friend and a passionate teacher.  Its of the utmost scarcity that you will find a teacher who has the ability to rally her students to learn and love their studies with a passion.  It has been a shock to us a students to have realised that we are to lose a teacher who has not only altered our lives, but has the upmost potential to alter and inspire the lives of future students.  It is with our utmost desire that you will reconsider her termination, for if she leaves, not only will our Japanese program be terminated, but our French program will be crippled beyond repair.

While our school district may be facing a budget crisis and a void in jobs, to deprive students from a opportunity to expand their passion and worldly views is but a crime.  Certainly you as past students have had that life altering teacher who nurtured your love for education.  These are the teachers that bring prosperity to our society, expand our views upon the world and push us as budding adults to success.  We as students of Patrick Henry High School hope that you can recognize the value in maintaining our amazing teacher Maria Malphurs at our school.

On the behalf of the student’s and parents of Patrick Henry High School, we hope that our voices will alter your opinion into maintaining Maria Malphurs position at Patrick Henry High School.


The Patrick Henry Japanese Club and the students of Patrick Henry Highschool