Plastic here, plastic there- Mother Earth's FEAR

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Reports suggest that Guwahati generates a total of  37,000 kilograms of plastic waste  everydaywhich is about  12.37% of the entire state's plastic production that is  2.99 lakh kilograms of plastic,which is mainly composed of single-use plastic bags, that comes to about  9,500 kilograms.

The average number of single-use plastic bags used per household in Guwahati is 29 per week.The mean weight of each such bag is 5.5 grams, which eventually generates 162 grams of plastic per household in a week.

We, the students of Cotton University,  working under the project 'PACKit HAPPEN' in association with ECHO,WWF, Guwahati, aim to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags, replacing them by cloth and paper bags.We intend to cut down the rate of excessive usage of single-use plastic bags from 47.85 kilograms of plastic per week to any lower rate as much as possible.

Our ultimate goal is to urge the Government of Assam to impose a ban on use of single- use plastic bags in the state starting from its core,i.e., Guwahati.

We also request the Education Ministry of Assam to introduce academic rewards in the curriculum of educational institutions for students those who will be able to change the outlook of people in their immediate society, and encourage them to embrace eco-friendly and reusable paper and cloth bags.