Petition to Mandate a SRO on SHS Campus During School Hours

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We, the undersigned, support the addition of a policy that mandates a SRO to be on the Souhegan High School campus during school hours. As of right now when John Smith, our school SRO is unable to attend school there is no SRO on campus during his absence.
Currently, there is no policy mandating a SRO to be on campus during school hours. For example, during Wintercession the SRO accompanies a group of kids on a trip, which leaves the school unprotected. This same situation occurs when a SRO leaves campus for training. The lack of a consistent presence of a SRO makes students feel unsafe and stressed. According to Sarah D. Sparks, an assistant editor at Education Week, a well-regarded newspaper, when students feel unsafe it makes it physically and emotionally harder for them to learn, which makes it more likely for the students to act out or dropout of school. Additionally, in order for a school to function the students and faculty need to have reassurance that everyone in the school is safe at all times. Without a SRO, there would be no reassurance of safety, which would affect everyone: students, faculty and parents.
A school shooting in Maryland only lasted seconds. A 17 year old gunman walked into Maryland's Great Mills High School, but it came to a sudden end when SRO Blaine Gaskill steppped in and ended the shooting. If he had not been there, then the shooting could have been a lot worse than it was. Our school needs to mandate a SRO to be on campus at all times for our safety and security.