petition to get rid of compro 2020

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The current Covid-19 pandemic has been a stressful event for all of us students. However, the school decided to establish an activity with a good concept/intention, but puts students in miserable states. There are various reasons supporting this fact. 

For one, we should all be resting instead of stressing, and our precious holidays should not be taken away. Because of this activity, otherwise known as community project (compro), we aren’t able to chill, relax, nor have time for ourselves without being restless. In addition, the covid pandemic is making things worse.

We are advised to stay home, not stress, and have good mental health. But because of the never ending amount of tests, assignments, and now compro, we are getting more stressed than when we went to actual school.

We are well aware that assignments and tests are compulsory to fill in our report grades, and community project is one of the factors in an ib school. We wouldn’t have opposed to this if everything was going normally, but since there’s a pandemic, a lot of our mental health have been going downhill.

Hopefully the teachers will consider lessening the weight of compro and let us rest a little, thus we wouldn’t get too restless and stressed in this critical situation.