Petition for PDPU to take prevention against COVID 19

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Many institutes,in order to contain Coronavirus (COVID19) have suspended physical classes to avoid large in-person gatherings. For example:-

1. DAIICT and IIT Gandhinagar have shut down classes for 2 weeks.

2. Delhi has shut down all the colleges.

Even the Prime Minister has suggested to avoid public gatherings and has shut down the country to foreigners for a month.

Unfortunately, we, the students of PDPU, Gandhinagar, are not confident of the measures taken by the institute to contain this pandemic. As a matter of fact, neither sanitizers nor masks are available in our institute. There is a huge amount of students in the campus many of whom have returned from different parts of the country after Holi vacations. A huge amount of students leads to the possibility of the virus if affected spreading very quickly. All these factors make our institute a good breeding place for the virus and we recommend the administration and management to take preventive measures effective immediately.

Some suggestions for the management:

1. Work towards providing each student with a sanitizer and a mask. Also, ensure institute and hostel washrooms have liquid soap.

2. Waive off the 75% attendance rule with immediate effect for the semester. Avoid classrooms and labs, wherever unnecessary. Make them virtual. Labs involve different people touching the same keyboard and mouse, thus, spreading the virus.

3. Ensure PDPU has the equipment and skill to detect coronavirus in a patient.