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Hello all! 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, students and teachers/professors have had to convert their learning/teaching to an online format. Myself and many other students feel as though the instruction has become far more rigorous than before. This is causing much stress and anxiety among students. We are being forced to sit on our electronic devices all day to complete random assignments that are mostly “busy work.” As for college students, professors expect us to complete hours and hours of material for 5-6 classes, each day. That means that we have multiple assignments due every single day (including weekends.) It is unfair to expect students to be comfortable with online instruction. I’ve created this petition to have our voices heard! There is already so much stress, anxiety and uncertainty going on in the world, and school has become too much to handle most days. I believe that students who had passing grades before all schools closed, should receive a passing grade for the semester. Students who did not have a passing grade can either take an “I” (incomplete grade) for the class, or retake the class in the coming Summer/Fall semesters. For many of us, (class of 2020) this semester was our last semester in college and in high school. We cannot even have a graduation, play our last semester of spring sports, or have a prom/graduation party!!! So why is the education system continuing to torture us??? 


We are tired of drowning in work, amongst many other things! If you agree with me, sign this petition to give all students passing grades for the semester and no more busy work!!!