Parking spaces at in teachers parking lot

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At Superior CVI, students are not aloud to park in teachers parking. So we are left with a limited amount of parking spaces that are full during the school days (Not counting the 3 tight parking spaces that are either being overlapped with other vehicles or with a pile of dirt in the one). Teachers expect us to park in balsam pit parking lot when there is no parking spaces left in student (which is everyday). That then leaves us students at risk for crossing the busy street of balsam. But, I thought our safety was the schools number 1 priority? If you look in teachers parking lot, there is usuaully atleast 26 empty parking spaces, compared to student parking where there is only around 3 left open, if that. There is 95 parking spots JUST IN THE TEACHERS PARKING LOT, so there is plenty enough room for atleast 10 students to park in teachers parking lot without there being a problem. Also we can not forget the IB students thatll be coming next year. There are exactly 40 grade 11 and 12 IB students that are coming next year so we have to put in thought of the amount of students that’ll be driving  just the from IB program. So please sign this if your against this whole “teacher & student parking” and if you’d like to park where ever you want without there being a problem.