Sandwich Technonlogy School Banning Electronic Devices.

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Our Technology school is taking away our Technology even in our free time. If we don't conform they take away are device for 24-48h depending on if our parents can/not collect it. I believe like many others that this is unfair and could be dangerous.

This is because of the reasons bellow:

  • If our phone is confiscated we would have to travel on unreliable transport with no way to contact our parents/carers.
  • If we refuse to hand over our property we are then deprived of our education as we are taken out of lesson and isolated.
  • It discriminates against people who have mental disabilities such as ADHD, Anxiety, ASD, Autism and use music to keep themselves calm.
  • We should be able to enjoy our free time and relax as we feel fit, not be dictated to on how we spend our well-earned free time.
  • It stops us being able to take pictures of homework or set reminders to complete it. This will have an effect to teachers who were happy for us to photographs from the board rather than spend ages coping them and trying to look over/between classmates.
  • It provides a clock as many students don't wear watches and there are not clocks in the hallways therefore could result in being late to lessons.
  • Teachers will also have more difficulty planning lesson because as a technology school some tasks will require the internet for quizzes or for research tasks. There aren't enough computers for each class to have them for each short task.
  • It encourages students to be devious and sneaky as rebellious students are not going to follow these rules.
  • It's a source of conflict between students and teachers pausing lessons to deal with each individual phone.
  • They have also deprived us of using our voice by announcing this huge change less than 2 days before we break up for summer.
  • This makes it much more difficult for parents to contact us as well. this applies to everyone, from nervous Year 7 who want an encouraging text from mum to Year 11 who have finished their GSCE and want to discuss it.
  • This will also be a large waste of time for Staff within the office who have to give permission to swarms of students who want to send trivial questions to their parents.
  • It makes it more difficult for year 7 students who are lost and want to find their newly made friends or older siblings amongst 1800+ other people.
  • Students will also go to the toilet as it is the only area with privacy resulting in the toilets being overcrowded by teenagers texting causing more conflict between students.
  • It will cause more student to disrupt lessons and encourage getting into fights as they are bored.

Overall this authoritarian response doesn't benefit our education and will cause so much rebellion that I believe it is not benefiting education. This also doesn't teach students how to manage phone consumption that we need to learn for our work life. This also means that it wastes so much staff time and effort that should be used elsewhere.