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Organized events of SHS per month to avoid inconvenience to academic calendar

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The students of SHS students of today are having a lots of activities, due to this they are having a hard time on fixing their schedule. We are sending this petition because of the following reasons:

  1. TIME WASTED. When there is an event the students get lazy on attending their class. In effect to this, there will be only few students who will go to school. The teachers will then teach a lesson then repeat it again next meeting and we can't deny that it is such a waste of time. If we have the fixed schedule for certain events, circumstances like this can be avoided because the teachers will be able to adjust their lessons so that they will not be late nor too advance.
  2. INVOLVEMENT OF STUDENTS. Not all students get the chance to participate events because it is unorganized which results to with the students losing their interest in the said activity.
  3. CONFLICT ON SCHEDULE. Short notices of events make it hassle for the students to prepare. It also affect their priorities on finishing their requirements on other subjects not related to the event.
  4. MONEY. Unnecessary  expenditure are made at the same time of the event and it is a real problem to the students because not all are well - off to produce instantly.

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