Please put a Benny's in Williamsburg

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I really like Benny's Pizza. Like, really really. And I know there's not a lot of dining options around William and Mary. So I emailed the guys at Benny's to be like, "Look, I like Benny's, I can see there's a market for Benny's, there's basically no competition, please consider a new Benny's location." They responded saying if I could round up student support, they'd heavily consider putting in a Benny's in the Colonial area.

The Pizza In Question


Pros of Benny's: 

  • Big pizza I mean BIG pizza, like as-big-as-ya-head kinda big
  • CHEAP pizza (like $4-$5 a slice kinda cheap)
  • Rotating specialty pizzas
  • Open late
  • A new option
  • Pretty fun!!! 

Cons of Benny's: 

  • Pizza is too good, you will eat it too often
  • There's not one in Williamsburg

What better place to have the Virginia Slice than in the hub of VA history? Please, for the love of all things pizza, sign this petition.