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End of dress code drama between students and teachers in Wellsboro High

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    There are over ninety-nine problems going on in this day of age in America, especially a lot of problems with our school, Wellsboro Area High as well as possibly others as well. So, A few friends of mine decided to make a petition to show how things are self-evident with each student who signs it.

       First of all, If you dress code a student whom has a choker - why would it be against the dress code? Well To me, it is no different than dress coding a person for having a piercing, a ring, a pen or pencil, or wearing dark makeup, or even a tattoo. Also, if something is going to be addressed under the dress code, make it addressed so it's the first time it happens not after SEVERAL TIMES the student has been wearing it. Frist time occurrence, first and only time of dealing with it. It's not that hard to be observant, but there's no need to complain about something so minor.

      With public schools, students are allowed to wear a nice array of options but what happens when you take individuality and creativity away? I’ve seen other students wear the same exact choker as the one a girl got dress coded for it and have and yet they didn’t get dress coded. This system is immature and on the edge of imbecilic, just how the dress code can give teachers the upper hand when it comes to jealousy of their students who have a different frame and shape value.

      Everything can be turned into a weapon depending on how to use it, just because a person wearing a choker with fake and dull spikes on it does not mean you throw everyone into a panic and put that said person in a restraint jacket.  Yes, we do need a dress code but if you personally ask a lot of girls there could be a few things that definitely need to be changed. Some things possibly changed ASAP because of certain experiences, those students. Some might even be scared that nothing would happen if they tell someone, or that it would make matters worse.

         Females especially have been picked on and beaten up by society, there is absolutely no reason for teachers to pick on students and call on the Dress code rule to justify that. One girl was forced to twirl in front of the class last year. Other people outside of school have mocked and picked on even young girls, making them think they are undesirable and have them lack confidence. The world is a cruel place, online and off line.

          School isn’t a fashion show yes, but in certain circumstances isn’t this restricting our freedom of expression. How would you feel if you got dress coded for wearing a cancer bracelet for someone close to you? I know it’s not necessarily the same, I’m just trying to make a point and for once not get squished on by other people about what I say. Just because “My say doesn’t matter” and that I am “just a kid”. This also dosesn't just fall under freedom of expression either,  this dives into a form of bulling and forced shame just because of how someone was born in a certain way and is curvier than someone else.

I will admit the dress code rule isn't always fairly split for both genders. However, if a male wants to dress up like a female they should be aloud to do that. I really don't want to bring up uniforms, even if they are flexible with colors and accessories. You just can't always please everyone, but I hope I can rest my case.

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