Save our Parking Spots! Say no to 200 dollar parking spots in Wake County schools!

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Calling all students enrolled in Wake County Public Schools who care about corruption and having fairly priced parking! 

Recently, WCPSS has increased the price of a student parking spot to a whopping 200 DOLLARS!

This greedy change will devastate students, cause the buses to be over-filled, and make students not able to afford already-expensive parking.

Meanwhile, hefty amounts of cash are being pumped into worthless endeavors such as "Senior Lounges," large televisions, brand new slow computers, and more! 

I am calling on you, the students of WCPSS, to force the fat-cats in Wake County to start lowering the price of our parking spots to a maximum of $150.

This is only fair, and fairness should be at the center of our once-great school system. Let's create a force so loud Wake county will have to listen! 

Thank you,

Jimmy Cvetkovski, creator of #SaveOurSpots 

Millbrook High School Rising Senior