snow day for vancouver schools due to dangerous weather conditions

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      Considering the fact that here in Vancouver we don’t get snow very often that stays in its form and doesn’t turn to slush, locals have a harder time navigating the roads. The conditions have become extremely unsafe. There’s been multiple collisions and vehicles getting stuck, including public transit. We students of the Vancouver School Board believe it is unfair we have to risk travelling in these unsafe conditions just to get to school.

      For students who use public transit to get to school, they’re having to leave earlier in the mornings to insure they’re on time. Buses are constantly running late or getting stuck. So, we are continuously left waiting in the freezing cold or being forced to walk from where the bus gets stuck to our next destination. On the other hand for students who get driven to school, they’re parents vehicles may not be ready for this weather or they’re unfamiliar with driving in it. This is resulting in more collisions or parents just refusing to drive in it so the students get marked absent. Same for teachers who have to drive in from surrounding cities. We believe a snow day would be in huge favour to all students, teachers and parents.