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We, the undersigned students of the University of Toronto Scarborough, demand that the current electoral process for the 2018 Board of Directors and Executive election for the Scarborough Campus Students' Union be immediately put on hold until the following allegations and concerns be resolved:

1) The integrity of the electoral process during the nomination of candidates is at jeopardy because of the flagrant violations of the following SCSU Bylaws:

  • “Members of the Elections and Referenda Committee are not permitted to seek office with the Union and must remain neutral during the election process.” (Elections Procedure Code 2016)
  • “The CRO shall render a decision within 48 hours in writing to the candidates in questions and the complainant, unless the complaint is time sensitive, in which case the CRO shall render a decision within one business day. A complaint shall be deemed time-sensitive when the activity outlined in the complaint is ongoing. All rulings of the CRO shall be done in a fair and consistent manner.” (Elections Procedure Code 2016: e)

2) Allegations that there exist conflicts of interest between the current Chief Returning Officer (CRO), Deputy Returning Officer (DRO), and the current Executive Members and Staff at the Scarborough Campus Students' Union. (i.e. Bias from personal relationships, including romantic relations, with SCSU executives and staff outside of working hours that influence decisions made by the CRO).

3) Allegations of current SCSU executives and staff interfering with the nominee selection process by using SCSU resources and directing SCSU affiliated staff and volunteers to support the candidacy of a single nominee. (i.e. Street Team volunteer hours and event spaces, Racialized Students Collective event space, and candidate promotion at SCSU events).

4) Disregard of due process by inadequately providing nominees with the evidence for their disqualification, failing to provide these nominees adequate time to appeal the CRO's decisions, and the disproportionate distribution of demerit points to disqualify nominees. (i.e. Nominees being told they had insufficient signatures, despite nominees getting more than the required 100, not providing any evidence for a charge having the maximum penalty, and emails being sent out on Friday after 5:00PM for a meeting that is scheduled for selected nominees to become official candidates on the following Monday).

5) The utilization of racialized identity politics to leverage from current tensions prevalent at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus by multiple nominees during the nomination period. (i.e. The use of rhetoric from the Decentering Whiteness Campaign by the SCSU executives and staff to garner support towards a single nominee during the nomination period).





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