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On Wednesday, 14th of February, the results of the entire students in the planning department were put up for public display. This action has triggered a lot of chaos,moreover, we as a student body don't know the exact reason for such an action.

               if anything at all we pay our own fees without the school taking a percentage,i therefore do not see how publicising results would encourage students to perform better. With quite a number of students CWa's flying around on all whatsapp platform via photos taken by anonymous individuals, we feel our privacy has been breached upon,because we never saw in the schools handbook that pasting of our results was compulsory, one of the last suicide cases we heard of in our institution was about a gentleman taking his own life in a female urinal just because of his results,we the student body are very embarassed and unhappy about this. 

                We therefore appeal to your emotions and to put yourselfin our shoes. Please re-consider the decision and we plead with you to unpublicise the results.

Yours in leadership 


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