Change the new TCW tardy policy

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The new TC tardy policy is a bad policy that will not resolve the issue at hand.

TOPIC: Tardy policy

SPONSOR(S): Ewan Thompson

Concerned by the institution of a policy that attempts to solve the issue of students not attending class by further preventing them from going to class.

Alarmed by the fact that this policy could potentially stem from racial bias and be used to discriminate against students of color.

Understanding the difficulties of instituting a working tardy policy.

1. Calls upon the administration of TCW to review the new policy and evaluate how the policy will impact students in both positive and negative ways.
2. Condemns the requirement that students be “rounded up” and held preventing them from receiving instruction.
3. Reminds the administration of TCW that under the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment no student may be denied to the right to an education.
4.* Draws the attention to the fact that if a parent is required to come to school or talk to the administration over the phone to resolve the issue of a student being tardy, lower socioeconomic status students will be disproportionately affected. This is due to the fact that lower socioeconomic status parents are much more likely to not speak English, have a valid driver's licence, or be able to interact with the school due to employment obligations that are less likely to allow for an employee to leave to drive to school. This is not limited to parents of lower socioeconomic status and could apply to all parents.
5. Recommends the removal of the new policy in favor of a different policy that has a lower chance of preventing students from receiving instruction while still lowering the number of students arriving to class late or skipping class.
6. Encourages the administration to work with a council of students, appointed by the students to represent them, to find a solution to the issue at hand.
7. Notes that the current student government was not elected to resolve issues such as this one therefore it would be advisable to create a new student body to work with the administration to solve these issues while leaving the current student government in place to deal with issues they were designed to handle such as homecoming.
8. Condemns the actions of students who are skipping and are purposely late to class.
9. Points out that students who are skipping are getting exactly what they want when they are prevented from going to class.

*This clause has been edited to resolve wording issues that were perceived by some to be racist.

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