Keep Orientation Adventure a First-Year Experience!

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Linnea Dahmen
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Orientation Adventure (OA) has been an integral part of the Pomona first-year experience for years. OA is an outdoor trip that occurs during first-year orientation in August, led by older students and full of activities to promote bonding among the new class.

Pomona's Dean of Students, Avis Hinkson, announced today (December 5, 2018) that starting with the class of 2023, Orientation Adventure would take place at the beginning of a student's second year at Pomona. Students were not involved in making this choice.

OA is an incredibly important part of being a first-year. Not only does it allow students to explore their new home in Southern California, but it helps students meet their new classmates, make friends outside of classes and sponsor groups, and feel like a part of the Pomona community. The first year of college can feel incredibly isolating, and OA has helped so many students find friends and feel more at home here in Claremont.

Moving the OA experience to the beginning of sophomore year would be a mistake -- the trip simply would not have the same impact of helping students branch out and feel connected. Moreover, so many students would miss for sports and RHS training, it wouldn't be the same full-class experience.

The administration of Pomona must listen to the voices of students and keep OA as a part of the first-year experience.