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Beth for Bucky 2017-2018

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My fellow Legacy Bronco students, one of our own has been wronged. Cheated, attacked, soiled, and left behind to wallow in her own trauma. This attack affects more than her and her own damaged emotional mind. This horrible and shameful decision affects our school and how we see ourselves. We feel this action should be reversed.

Sign this petition to have Bethany Justice as Bucky, the Legacy High School Mascot. (We are in no way attacking the judges or the person chosen to be mascot, we all just feel Bethany is the best choice.)

Why we need Bethany Justice as Bucky- As a school we have not had a Bucky that has done their job in years. The most recent article about a mascot from The Rider Online (our award winning school newspaper), was about ‘Coop the Lion' a student who came up with the idea of dressing up in a loin suit at the beginning of his junior year. “I dress up because the student section was lacking energy,” Copper Keeney said in an interview with The Rider. He came to every game and brought back the spirit that our school lost, in some ways replaced Bucky, our actual school mascot. This is our chance to have a Bucky with even more spirit and energy than Cooper. She has theatrical and dance backgrounds that make her more than qualified for the job. She has a heart that is big and full of ambition and passion. Also Beth was mascot for her school freshman year, she’s already proved she can do it and done it well. Beth is bold. Beth is the definition of Bucky.  

A statement from Beth- “I spent over $150 on materials just for the audition. I spent three days putting my own custom track together. Spent 2 weeks, every day after school, putting a routine together, and practicing it, working my butt off. I got in a car wreck on the way to mock auditions because I was so nervous about doing well. I had Josh Holt help with my skit, and Mr. Ferman took a whole weekend to help me finalize my track. The cheer team and the cheer coaches helped me develop moves to perfect my routine. I stayed after school every day the week of auditions working with the cheer coaches. I interviewed and asked several students and teachers for tips and ideas. I made all of my own props and when I wasn't working on them, my dear mother was tirelessly putting together and sewing and gluing, so they could look fantastic. And they did. She went above and beyond to make it great. And it was. My father sat through my 2 minute routine for hours upon hours helping me improve and giving suggestions on my props and movements. The full numbers are incalculable and the people who helped are too many to be named. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have tried out. I feel as though they just made a mistake, that I should be Bucky next year and I’m sincerely asking that they fix it with the support of the Legacy Bronco student body.”


Quote and information about Cooper was taken from an article written by our amazing school newspaper.

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