Students of King's College London: Say No to Blurred Lines

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We want King's College London Student Union (KCLSU) to join more than 20 other student unions across the country, including University of London Union and University College London Union, in stopping the song 'Blurred Lines' being played in their spaces.

‘Blurred Lines’ has been widely criticised as perpetuating rape culture. Robin Thicke stated that in the production of the song and music video, he “tried to do everything taboo… Everything that is completely derogatory to women”. The NUS Women’s Officer, Kelley Temple, is one of many women who has taken a stand against the song, describing it as “deeply offensive and dangerous”.

The KCLSU Safe Space Policy states that students “should be free from intimidation or harassment resulting from prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of… gender identity”. The criticisms of the song and the fact that the Women’s Officer and Sports Officer have received a number of complaints from students, both in person and online, make it clear that this song contravenes the Safe Space Policy.

We want our union to support us in saying that there are NO 'Blurred Lines' when it comes to consent. This song promotes casual sexism and misogyny and therefore perpetuates rape culture; an environment where sexual violence is trivialised and normalised. 

We want KCLSU to hear us and do the following:

1.     To ensure ‘Blurred Lines’ is not played within KCLSU bars, gyms, spaces or at events
2.     To develop a ‘Zero Tolerance to Discrimination Policy’
3.     To use this policy as part of a wider campaign to educate students on consent and sexual harassment and support students who are survivors of sexual violence


Resources on rape culture and the ban:

'End the Rape Culture at University', a comment piece from the Guardian,

'There Are No Blurred Lines Here - Why the Ban is Unquestionably Needed', a comment piece from the Huffington Post,

'There's No Excuse for Rape: Hard Hitting Campaign Launched in Bristol', a piece on an anti-rape campaign,

***TW for some graphic mentions of rape and sexual violence in the following resources***

'From the Mouths of Rapists: The Lyrics of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines', an article from Sociological Images,

'I Once Had A Guy Tell Me...', a tumblr describing encounters of misogyny, sexism and sexual violence had by all genders,

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