Cancellation of Exams in ITER and promoting students on the basis of internal assessment

Cancellation of Exams in ITER and promoting students on the basis of internal assessment

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Sub: Cancellation of the semester exams

We are the students of the first year and we've got to know that the college will be conducting our online exams for the students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, through online medium. We, the students of 1st year appeal for the cancellation of the end semester examinations due to the reasons stated in this letter.

Amid the covid-19 pandemic period there are certain problems we are facing which will definitely impact our result which is unprofitable for the university.
Firstly, during the online classes that were arranged for us, many students were not able to have access due to lack of adequate internet facilities, laptops, and online textbooks which has resulted in an unfair penalty. Online classes held by the teachers cannot be a replacement for physical classes and written notes.

Secondly, most of the students returned to their hometowns due to the outbreak of the pandemic and they do not have access to the necessary notes, textbooks or any academic material, which is a major disadvantage to them. 
Most importantly, we have been mentally stressed due to the inability to have a proper classroom environment and the unavoidable uncertainty of our future.

We are not trying to avoid the examinations, we have our own problems, both, psychological and emotional. 
Further, the students are not satisfied with the online classes till there is parity on access to all infrastructure and the teachers are adequately trained at online teaching, lack of which has resulted in negligible learning outcome for the students.  

Moreover, in April 2020 the university grants commission constituted an expert committee to deliberate and make recommendations regarding the issues related to examinations and there it was decided to cancel the intermediate examinations and to promote the students based on internals or previous semester grades and to only conduct the final year examinations. If the college conducts the examinations then there is violation of the policy of university grants commmission.

Sir, we believe that unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and one such measure suggested is the cancellation of exams for the intermediate semester students. 

Kindly look into the matter and do the needful for which we shall always be obliged to you. Looking forward to our great future in these difficult times.