Holiday for NURS TO 12 in HXLS

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Delhi-NCR is continually witnessing a deterioration in air quality over a period of time. The problem becomes more acute in winter season due to interplay of climactic conditions (attached image showing smog laden air).

During this time, the air-quality in Delhi-NCR becomes severely bad for a period of two weeks or more leading to detrimental effect on health of elderly, sick and young children.

Students, parents and teachers who are affiliated with The Heritage Xperiential Learning School, our school has taken the decision to grant students from Nursery to fifth grade a holiday due to the increasingly hazardous air quality in Gurgaon this petition is to gave us the equal amount of holidays that they get. A large number of us believe that the dire effects of air pollution on our health is an issue that is not only applicable to those studying in grades fifth and below, but seniors too. This is why we decided to start this petition to the school to grant us a holiday so that we can maintain our health. We urge you to make our collective voices heard by signing this petition. We are delighted by the attention we have ammased and hope to make a difference. Thank you for your time!