Postponement or Cancellation of Semester exams in Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata

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As we all know Heritage institute of Technology, Kolkata has just published a notice regarding even semester exams which will take place in July. But there are some points that needed to be noted, like...

students coming from places outside Kolkata (how will return to Kolkata without proper transportation?)

many students have rushed to their homes outside Kolkata to safeguard themselves from this pandemic, which led several of the students not to carry any book or any other study materials.

Keeping in mind that online classes were held, many students faced technical issues while the classes.

Even if the college gets opened and students responsibly maintain social distancing in the college premises, but we need to keep in mind that they will be coming from different places with several other passengers which may cause some of them get affected by Covid-19. 

And there are several other Problems the students faced During this Lockdown. 

With all due respect to the teachers and the college management its humble request from your students to find an alternative way of the semester exams. Because at this point of time our health is our first priority. And it's always a bad idea to open a college where each year has about thousand students each.

We students have been supportive throughout these years in every possible ways, Mostly during this lockdown. Now Its the one thing We actually need. 

-A Student of HITK