We've Had Enough

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There has been a student constantly disturbing us and harming us students of grade 8 zest for completely no reason. This is getting out of hand and has recently gone too far. Just the other day he slapped a student for no reason and pushed him down and then ran away.

This is getting really unhealthy for us with the term 2 exams just a hop, skip and a jump away. our studies are getting affected because we are getting hurt and are going to the sick bay and that means we are missing important classes.

The way he misbehaves with the students and especially his favourite hobbies are calling people names and using the school WiFi for downloading movies which in turn slows down the WiFi for other students.

He has to get a serious consequence for this to make him change his ways. We would have no problem if he would harm others less. Disturb less in class and also stop bullying students.