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Justice for JD Sir !

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Mr.Jagatjyoti De had been acclaimed of suciding. But of all us know that a great man like him who was always full of life, always encouraging, always supportive and one  that never compromises on health, can ever even think of ending his life. I could not believe for hours after hearing about this great man's demise. The reason why I am referring him as great is known to all of us at GNIT. He was more than just a teacher, he inspired us with all his words of wisdom and was there for each and every one of us irrespective of which branch one is in. He remarkably remembered not only the names but also the residence of all the students he had ever taught, displaying strongly his love for students by not just treating them as roll numbers on a paper. Needless to say, he was an expert faculty as well. Moreover, one just cannot ignore how commendably fit he used to be even in his sixties. His ability to fly up the stairs, scuttle through crowds and run as fast as a teenager not only depicted his fitness standards but also were an example for us to lead a disciplined life as well. Being always punctual in class and allowing students to learn at their at own pace and being always open to solve our problems irrespective of whether they are related to the subject or not are mere tip of an iceberg of good virtues he possessed. Talking about the incident, I strongly feel it is highly unlikely that this could just be an accident. I am able to say this because the chain of events I have witnessed myself are disallowing me to believe that this was just an accident. Firstly, on 8th December after my Algorithms exam, as I saw him hurriedly pacing toward the train which was already announced, he looked as if he just can't miss that train, even I ran and boarded the same train, we met, the train was as usually crowded. As our conversation grew, I asked him the reason for heading towards Sealdah ( as he stays in Barrackpore), to that he replied that he had to meet with someone at the Sealdah Criminal Court. Although I didn't pay much of an attention to why he was going there or for what reason he looked impatient, now the events seems to connect. However, during the entire journey there was clear signs of panic and nervousness on his face, he was restless enough to even sit on the available seats in train. He tried his best to hide his tension and continued motivating me about being practically sound in life and the importance of making knowledge our power and not load. The man he was going to meet even called him multiple times during the journey and every time he called, Sir's nervousness seemed to increase exponentially. As the train reached Sealdah, he started scuttling through the crowds clearly describing that he was under some kind of a threat. As for the news goes, he is not a person who would be unable to save himself in an accidental fire, and definitely not a man who could ever think of ending his life. Further, on the night of the incident, it is highly unnatural that the neighbors were able to sense the climax and Sir's own son and his daughter-in-law were so much so drunk and asleep that they couldn't notice anything at all. Further on the same night Sir was online till 10.44 pm, this clearly tells that he was not even in any bad mood also, or else he wouldn't have been on line. Considering the entire scenario, it doesn't take one to be a Sherlock to deduce that this is, in no way possible, an accident !! Their is a great conspiracy hidden owing to the fact that neither his son nor his daughter-in-law ever treated him with even a tiny bit of respect and the fact that he has do everything from cooking to making his bed all by himself, the suspects are not quite hard to figure out.

Its a request to all those who have been or is a part of GNIT to sign this petition and share it so that it the reaches the all of us.
Rest In Peace Sir ! You will be greatly missed !

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